Worlds Largest Drum for Peace

World’s largest drum in Nepal

Nepal is celebrating after the historic peace accord between the government and rebel Maoists that ends 11 years of civil war. Different programs were held across the country including rallies. Friday’s programme in the capital Kathmandu was a continuation of the celebrations, but it had significant value.

A gigantic drum, dubbed the world peace drum, was beaten to send peace messages across the world. Thousands of spectators enjoyed the beating with the hope that peace will prevail in this land forever.

Organizers claimed this drum as world’s largest drum. According to Japanese drummer Hiromi Ishioka, coordinator of the world peace drum construction, the Guinness Book of World Records has recognized him as the maker of the world’s largest drum.

In a press conference held some five months ago in Kathmandu, he claimed that he will break his own record by making another super large drum.

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