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Secrets of Inner Peace

"No price is too great to pay for inner peace. "

Sri Chinmoy

Consciously or unconsciously we are all searching for inner peace. Inner peace is the foundation of lasting happiness, and satisfaction. Without inner peace, man can not know, either himself, or be at peace with the world.

1. Inner Peace is a Choice.

It is our own thoughts that will either bring us peace or restlessness. If our mind is clear of useless, undivine thoughts, we can experience inner peace in abundance. When we lose our inner peace it is because of our own thoughts. It is tempting to blame our problems on the world and other people. However, a man of inner peace will not allow the outer world to disturb his inner mind. If we maintain equanimity and detachment to events of the world, inner peace will remain a permanent feature of our mind.

God has not forgotten
To give us peace.
He is just waiting for us
To ask for it.

Sri Chinmoy [1]

2. Inner Peace is to be experienced Here and Now.

It is a mistake to feel inner peace will be achieved in the future, when circumstances are more favourable. Inner peace can only be felt in the present moment. If we live only in the here and now, we will not worry about the future, or speculate on the past. If we live only for the present moment we can learn to understand the immediacy of inner peace.

3. Inner peace and Oneness are inseparable.

If we live in the critical mind and are constantly judging others, we will never experience real inner peace. When we judge others we try to assert our superiority over others, but this can never bring inner peace. When we are flooded with inner peace, we feel others are an extended part of our reality; the imperfection of others actually seem our own imperfections, just in another body.

4. Inner Peace is in the heart not the Mind.

To find inner peace in the mind, is difficult. The nature of the mind is to think, analyse and create problems. The nature of the heart is oneness, love and joy. If we can bring to the fore the qualities of the heart, we will find peace. It is also in the heart, that our Soul resides. The Soul is the divine part of our being, and is inundated with peace.

"To come back to the secret of inner peace, our questioning and doubting mind is always wanting in peace. Our loving and dedicated heart is always flooded with inner peace."

Sri Chinmoy [2]

5. Inner Peace is Dynamic not Passive.

Inner peace energises us. When we have a connection with inner peace, we spontaneously have a positive outlook on life. Inner peace is not a passive quality, it embodies great energy.

6. Inner Peace and Meditation.

If we feel inner peace remains a far cry, we should not despair. If we sincerely pray and meditate for inner peace we can achieve it. Our sincere aspiration for inner peace, is the most powerful tool for making it a living reality. We cannot expect to be flooded with inner peace if we make no effort to attain it.

"To hope to achieve peace without spirituality or meditation is to expect water in the desert." [3]

7. Peace does not Require an Escape from the world.

Inner peace does not require us to live in an himalayan cave. Inner peace can be experienced in the hustle and bustle of the world. What is important is the state of our mind, not the outer circumstances.

By: Richard Pettinger, Sri Chinmoy Centre, Oxford


[1] Excerpt from Peace: God’S Fragrance-Heart, Part 2 by Sri Chinmoy.

[2] Excerpt from Eastern Light For The Western Mind by Sri Chinmoy. – The Secret of Inner Peace

[3] Excerpt from Eastern Light For The Western Mind by Sri Chinmoy. – The Secret of Inner Peace

Worlds Largest Drum for Peace

World’s largest drum in Nepal

Nepal is celebrating after the historic peace accord between the government and rebel Maoists that ends 11 years of civil war. Different programs were held across the country including rallies. Friday’s programme in the capital Kathmandu was a continuation of the celebrations, but it had significant value.

A gigantic drum, dubbed the world peace drum, was beaten to send peace messages across the world. Thousands of spectators enjoyed the beating with the hope that peace will prevail in this land forever.

Organizers claimed this drum as world’s largest drum. According to Japanese drummer Hiromi Ishioka, coordinator of the world peace drum construction, the Guinness Book of World Records has recognized him as the maker of the world’s largest drum.

In a press conference held some five months ago in Kathmandu, he claimed that he will break his own record by making another super large drum.

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Sri Aurobindo Quotes on Peace



"The first thing to do in the sadhana is to get a settled peace and silence in the mind.
Otherwise you may have experiences, but nothing will be permanent.
It is in the silent mind that the true consciousness can be built."


"When the mind is silent there is peace and in the peace all things that are divine can come.
When there is not the mind, there is the Self which is greater than the mind."


By: Sri Aurobindo

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<p>The peace need not be grave or joyless -there should be nothing grey in it -but the gladness or joy or sense of lightness that comes in the peace must be necessarily something internal, self-existent or due to a deepening of experience -it cannot, like the laughter of which you speak, be conveyed by an external cause or dependent upon it, e.g. something amusing, exhilarating etc.</p>

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Quotes from Paramahansa Yogananda



"Affirm divine calmness and peace, and send out only thoughts of love and goodwill if you want to live in peace and harmony. Never get angry, for anger poisons your system. Try to understand people who cross you, and whenever anybody tries to inflame you, mentally say: “I am too comfortable to be angry. I don’t want to be sick with anger.”

Paramahansa Yogananda,

Quotes from Inner peace




"To be calmly active and actively calm – a Prince of Peace sitting on the throne of poise, directing the kingdom of activity – is to be spiritually healthy. Too much activity – is to be spiritually healthy. Too much activitiy makes one an automation and too much calmness makes one lazy and impractical. Peace is the enjoyment of life; activity is the expression of life. A balance between the activity of the West and the calmness of the East is needed."


"As you find your soul-reservoir of peace, less and less controversy will be able to afflict your life."


"If your husband or wife gets angry and rouses your ire, take a little walk and cool off before responding. If he or she speaks sharply, don’t retort in the same way. It is better to remain quite until the temper has cooled down…."

"Never let anyone rob you of your peace; and don not steal away the peace of others by your verbal misbehavior…


Paramahansa Yogananda

Yogananada Poetry

– Paramahansa Yogananda is the author of the best selling spiritual classic "Autobiography of a Yogi" is spiritual wisdom has offered inspiration and guidance to countless seekers in both the West and in the East.

Muhammad Yunus Nobel Peace Prize 2006

Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank today emerged as the winners of the prestigious Nobel peace prize for their pioneering work in lending to the poor.

Mr Yunus, 66, from Bangladesh, started the Grameen Bank over 30 years ago, to provide small loans – micro-credit – for the poor. In announcing the award, the Norwegian Nobel committee said the prize – worth 10m Swedish kronor (

World Peace Day 21st September

September 21st is world Peace Day. Dedicated to promoting peace throughout the world.


The International Day of Peace was first established by a United Nations resolution in 1981 to coincide with the opening of the General Assembly, was first inaugurated on the third Tuesday of September, 1982. Beginning on the 20th anniversary in 2002, the UN General Assembly set 21 September as the now permanent date for the International Day of Peace.

In establishing the International Day of Peace, the United Nations General Assembly decided that it would be appropriate

"to devote a specific time to concentrate the efforts of the United Nations and its Member States,
as well as of the whole of mankind, to promoting the ideals of peace and to giving positive
evidence of their commitment to peace in all viable ways? (The International Day of Peace) should
be devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all
nations and peoples."

International Peace Day

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