Sister Madonna Iron Nun

Sister Madonna is a unique combination of Catholic nun and record setting triathlete. Her running career began late in life, when a priest encouraged her to take up running to help harmonise mind and body.

In 2005, Sister Madonna ran the 2005 Hawaii Ironman setting a record for the oldest women to finish an Ironman Triathlon. Sister Madonna is also a full time nun and is only able to train part-time. Altogether, Sister Madonna has completed 350 triathlons and 40 at the Ironman distance.

Sister Madonna has a simple philosophy for explaining her unique ultra distant events, in the evening of her life.

“If we want to do it, we can. The only failure is not to try, because putting forth the effort is success in itself.”

“If life doesn’t have some challenges, it isn’t worth living, right?”

When asked what she would say to people who think they are too old to start exercising, she said, “If you’re not too young to start walking or running you’re not too old to stop… excuses!”


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