Running around the World


One Earth – 26000km – 2 years – 1 runner


Jesper Olsen is the first person to have successfully completed the unique feat of running around the world. Beginning on the 1st of January, 2004, from the Greenwich time meridian in London; Jesper successfully circumnavigated the world finishing nearly 2 years later in October 2005, in London. During his epic run of 26,000 Km Jesper kept a detailed log and even participated in local ultra distance runners. His extraordinary experiences have now been produced into a book. It is an epic tale of self transcendence and inspiration to others – World Run

Jesper Olsen is now preparing for World Run 2 which could be over 40,000 Km

“The route will in general lead from the Northern point of Scandinavia and in Europe to the Southern tip of Africa. After this first half of the total challenge is completed the run reverses direction and, hopefully, continues North from the Southern tip of South America to the Northern point of New Foundland in Canada, North America.”

Blog entry at Multidays – an informative resource on ultra distance running

Photo from Sri Chinmoy Races. This photo is from the last couple of days leading upto Jesper’s finish in London.

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