Meditation Help Prison Inmates

The inmates of Gwalior Central Jail recently had a day long session of taking lessons in spiritualism, relieving stress and how to shun violent tendencies by a visiting team of volunteers representing a New York based organisation.

The inmates serving various jail terms in the Gawlior Central Jail attended a six hour long session on spiritualism to develop and realise their inner selves. It was organised by the Krishna Bhavnamat Sangh, the New York based voluntary organisation.

The nearly six hour long session was attended by almost all of the 2,800 inmates. About 200 jail staff was also present during the programme.

The initiative was taken to make them learn how they can rehabilitate themselves in society after being released. Inmates were motivated to participate in spiritual meets to overcome emotional stress and sense of guilt.

A musical programme was also conducted in the jail premises.

"We have conducted these spiritual meets in the jail at Agra and many prisoners have been able to change this lifestyle and outlook. Some prisoners were creating nuisance in the jail but it was spiritual interactions with us that changed their attitude. Those prisoners have started meditating for about eight hours a day," added Jankiram, Campaign Secretary of Krishna Bhavnamat Sangh.

Following this experimental spiritual programme, the prisoners serving jail terms beyond five years or serving life terms felt an urge to transform their lives.

It was hoped that the programme would help the inmates shun criminal tendencies and reorient their attitude and outlook in a positive way.

According to Jail officials, such programmes may be very helpful for the prisoners to think positive and reshape their lives.


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