Ashrita Sets new Record

World record breaker gets inspiration for 119th record.

Ashirta Furman, of Queens, N.Y., established a record for running a mile on tin pots earlier that afternoon, with a time of 18 minutes and 26 seconds. The pots were held against his shoes by hand-held strings. A stipulation of the record was that the tin pots musn’t fall off.

The record was set at POWNAL Green Mountain Race Track on Friday 8th September. After setting and submitting a record it usually takes about 6 weeks for it to be ratified by Guiness.

Furman credits his study of meditation, under the tutelage of Sri Chinmoy, for his ability to break so many records.

“It’s all in fun, but there’s a serious side because there’s physical conditioning and a lot of mental focus required,” he said. “You really have to focus deep within yourself. I really have to use the training I got from meditation to be very one-pointed and not allow other distractions to stop me.”

Bipin Larkin, a friend of Furman’s, was present for the record attempts.

the spirit behind the thing that keeps you going, and it’s like an
adventure,” said Larkin. “(Furman) believes in transcendence, in going
beyond his restrictions.”


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