The Disciple-Thief

Bama had a close disciple who was in the habit of stealing. From time to
time he used to steal money and material things that belonged to Bama. Once
he stole a very large sum of money, and both the disciples and the Master
were furious. Bama asked a lawyer-disciple of his to press charges against
the individual.<br>
The day the case was supposed to go to court, Bama quite unexpectedly came
before the judge and pleaded with him to forgive the disciple.<br>
The lawyer-disciple said, “You asked me to be so strict with him. We have
filed the case, and today I am here with the judge. What will the court think
of us?” Bama said to his lawyer-disciple, “Rascal, do I have to be afraid
of your court?” Then, pointing to the judge, he added, “Here is another rascal.
It seems he is not going to listen to my request.”<br>
The judge knew Bama’s spiritual power, so he said, “No, sadhu, I am at your
command. The court listens to me, but I listen to you. You take back your
The Master said to the judge, “I am so grateful to you, I am so proud of
you. Now again, I can chat with my dear disciple. He has stolen my money,
but who needs money? I need his devoted love and service.”<br>
Sri Chinmoy&nbsp;

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