Bama Kshepa

Bama_KhepaBama Kshepa (1837–1911) also spelt Bamakhepa was a Hindu saint, well known and revered for his deep compassion – even though he often acted in a way which was eccentric by conventional standards. He was held in great reverence in Tarapith, India and was a contemporary of Sri Ramakrishna. . His shrine is located in the vicinity of the Tara temple in Birbhum.

Sri Chinmoy said of Bama Kshepa:

“Outer beauty and material wealth Bama always shunned. He did not care for religious principles as such. His only religion was his love for his deity, the Divine Mother Tara. His legacy to humanity was his soulful oneness with the human world and the animal world.”

Stories about Bama Kshepa

imf-8by Sri Chinmoy

Originally published in “India and her miracle-feast: come and enjoy yourself, part 8:” Traditional Indian stories about Bama Kshepa



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