Some interesting recent blog entries

Sometimes it can be hard to find purely uplifting blog entries in the middle of the introspective maelstrom that is the blogosphere, but here are a couple of gems that have shone out recently:

  • Freedom: a moment of clarity through running a marathon. Posted on Spirit Flower’s blog at Zaadz.
  • The most exotic animal: Serial Guiness-record-breaker Ashrita Furman describes his recent record-breaking exploits in Mongolia! Ashrita’s records often have a very playful aspect to them, and this blog entry is great fun to read!
  • Jellyfish concentration: A mother tries to teach her son how to concentrate, but ends up getting a lesson herself. A post from the Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group.
  • The world’s oldest sub-3 marathoner: A short blog article about Ed Whitlock, who ran a 2:54 marathon at age 73

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