Quotes on Silence


Our human mind says,
"Silence is emptiness; it is sheer emptiness and nothingness."
But our aspiring heart knows that silence
is the fulness and plenitude
of our Eternity’s Height and Infinity’s Light. (1)

Silence gives us joy.
This is totally true.


The inner world
 Is full of
Silence and beauty.


The outer world
  Is full of
Sad misunderstanding.


Silence itself is joy.
This truth comes down
From the loftiest Heights.


The silence – room is not fierce–
It is all – loving
And all – protecting.


The silence of meditation
Is power beyond measure.



(1) From a talk on Silence by Sri Chinmoy

(2) Other Quotes from Seventy Seven Thousand Service Trees vol. 36 by: Sri Chinmoy

Photo by Pavitrata Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries

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