• “Love is an endless Mystery, for it has nothing to else to explain it.”

    Every little step I have taken on my Soul journey and been touched by such Love, it was only to realise this more and more deeply within the Heart with ever increasing gratitude and wonder!

    Stumbled across your website searching for “free spiritual music” to download… only to find a beautiful place full of Love and Truth.

    Thank you

  • Heavenly Father The Divine

    Our Heavenly Father spoke to me told me I am in his good graces
    Warning not to listen to those with masks of lies upon their faces

    He said he created before any knowledge of time and space ever existed
    Observed the hearts of many men and women have become dark and twisted

    They the power hungry have driven our planet to war far too many times
    Definition of man and the theory of evolution are not conclusive or defined

    So many people make the claim of how revenge can be so sweet
    How will one feel entangled in the barbed wire oft their self defeat

    The corrupt reigning powers have kept us on our very knees
    In the night ring out the calls of them claiming innocence plea

    All of those out there snakes may well have the power to charm
    But they infiltrate the entire system causing chaos and harm

    The planet and most of it’s people have gone beyond contemplation
    Who gave those permission to control and dominate every nation

    When we were all children I an certain you got taught black from white
    When time catches up don’t pretend to not know wrong from right

    No false cries of the heart will be considered or acknowledged
    All had your own free will all forms of hatred will be abolished

    Most were all created with a heart a soul two hands and two feet
    Not meant to Lord over other and sister bringing them to defeat

    Hes sees a world where one is totally consumed with themselves
    Walking over one another to gain power and of course wealth

    There is a well known book that has been added to and taken away from
    Distorting many messages that came down from the almighty Kingdom Come

    There exists is an ancient tablet referred to as the book of life
    Written before Moses took Tizapora as his lawful wedded wife

    It’s true every battle in from the pages of history will repeat itself
    Unfolding on on earth with a change to the s scenery but little else

    The planet and most of it’s people have become an abomination
    Who gave those permission to control and dominate every nation

    Ra will send his infallible armies from across the Egyptian sands
    As the Divine reclaims ownership of sun earth sky and holy land

    Our Lord above is always watching over us day and night without fail
    Our enemies will turn against each other as the snake swallows it’s tail

    Gary E Allen 2012 ©

    Victoria BC

    The inner harbor has Welcome to Victoria spelled out in flowers
    A filth in the water that couldn’t be washed away in a strong shower

    There is Madam Tussaud’s museum full of figures of wax
    Lived in that enchanted fairy tale long enough and never going back

    It’s a scenic place that looks as pretty as a postcard picture
    Where those few of old money just want to become richer

    By day the plastic people continuously walk the city streets
    Dressed in high fashion yet they are hollow in totally incomplete

    The night streets dimly lit by lamp posts with hang baskets
    Seven times the darkest souls tried to put me in my casket

    Ross Bay Cemetery beneath the tombstones worship the beast
    Offering with their rituals bring an honest man to his knees

    She devils at every Victoria bar striking their Jezebel pose
    Angels hardly stand a chance when they wed one of those

    Dark forces with flashing lights control the city streets
    It was like walking in hell until I got tired of the heat

    place where tempters and temptresses will try to steal your heart
    Show any sense of Godliness and they will try tear you apart

    Black Withes continually spin their webs of self loathing and hate
    Spirits of the long dead they try to evoke it is love they desecrate

    The black prince and his entity did once see me to my death
    But I came back with a vengeance new eyes and new life breath

    Victoria years ago I dubbed Sodom for reasons I am truly aware
    A place where many worship the devil without a heart to care

    The union of the draconian lead worship in their secret lair
    In the stone catacombs beneath Victoria’s Bastion Square

    I walk in spirit within similar footsteps to our very Lord
    In heavy amour and carrying a blessed ancient sword

    True faith beats through one’s heart and flows through the veins
    Those who chose to worship dark secrets cannot say the same

    Gary E Allen 2012 ©

    The Fall of Queen Jezebel of Israel

    We Were winged god’s in love who flew heavenly skies
    Until we answered the mortals of Israel’s false cries

    Queen Jezebel captured us and sentenced us to a cell
    Shackled us in heavy chains to better control our will

    Jezebel clipped both our wings so we could no longer fly
    Even if death came to call my love for you would never die

    She the evil daughter to the wicked and beguiled king of Tyre
    After his death to carry out is wishes she would readily aspire

    One of her goals was to bring down all of heaven to earth
    That she may gain power and control that was undeserved

    Evil swept over the sands of Israel like an unholy sign
    Ruling all and everything was what Jezebel had in mind

    All of her Christian priests she cast away and put to death
    So she could openly worship the evil prince Baal instead

    Just an empty vessel claiming ownership to all she lacked
    Through the worship of false idols and practicing witchcraft

    Queen Jezebel summoned all of the ancient powers of evil
    Her goal was to overpower and enslave all of her people

    Queen Jezebel must have truly possessed a heart of solid stone
    Brought so much death and destruction at her royal hand alone

    Jezebel’s sexuality was much like her faces painted in lust
    No doubt I would be with you again the only one I love and trust

    She was so very vein and hungered for worldly goods and riches
    She enlisted demons and blood sacrifices to fulfill her evil wishes

    Most of her people revolted against Queen Jezebel’s wicked ways
    Threw her from an open window to the hungry hounds in the lane

    My weighing ankle chains become my constant reminder
    In the next cell was my love with a heart so much kinder

    Endless days and seemingly everlasting dark nights passed by
    Missing you so many tears I cried just wanting you at my side

    Remember the night when we made our heavenly pact
    Rather we died than pay homage to evil such as that

    One day you with your brute strength broke me free of my chains
    I knew that our short time our hearts spent apart was never in vein

    Most of her people revolted against Queen Jezebel’s wicked ways
    Threw her from an open window to the hungry hounds in the lane

    Absent of our wings we walked and saw Jezebel’s temple burn
    Holding each other while counting the lessons that we learned

    Wherever we walked in the dangerous world we are never apart
    For your very spirit is with me and within my very heart

    Still can see us standing together in a passionate embrace
    Knowing we had conquered all the demons we had faced

    We share a spiritual bond that can’t be erased by sands of time
    From the very time we first met my heart asked you to be mine

    Dedicated to Andre’
    Gary E Allen 2012 ©

    A Tale of Two Knights

    We were Knights brave warriors of the heart
    Not even a sorcerer’s spell could tear us apart

    Made through life’s cobwebs and found the truth
    We drank from a chalice at the fountain of youth

    Remember when we formed our eternal bond
    Satisfying any desire we had previously longed

    We once paid a visit to the ancient tree of life
    She led us on the path to a union free of strife

    Love always must be genuine to be considered real
    I will forget how good your embrace made me feel

    We navigated enchanted woods with skill and ease
    Always both knowing the forest for the trees

    Neither of us ever made a wish at the wishing well
    For We shared a love no gypsy woman could foretell

    Came upon Merlin who was black by day and white by night
    We never allowed his presence to enter our happy lives

    The lady of the lake raised her sword blessed our love
    She vowed that indeed we were protected from above

    Recall when you would raise your axe and split the wood
    In the firelight your angel’s touch always did my body good

    To me you were never just a man or just a knight
    You carried the flame that brought me everlasting light

    Games of jealousy and possession are truly as old as time
    You gave me your heart simply because you wanted to be mine

    Many thieves in the night have tried to steal our hearts
    When we first met prayed that not one night we be apart

    Our life was simple yet it was so fulfilling and good
    In our log cabin nestled deep within Sherwood woods

    We were knights of the order of the round table
    Many times into the trows of battle we were thrust

    Both of us wore amour along with heavy chain mail
    For the sanctity of our love many dragons we impaled

    Forever grateful for you removed an arrow from my heart
    Your loving hands allowed healing of heart and soul to start

    Your kiss always kindled new fires from deep inside
    Into countless heavenly sunsets together we did ride

    Gary E Allen 2012 ©
    Dedicated to Andre’


    The nights are governed by the cobra and other snakes
    Power hungry it’s ones money and life they intend to take

    These ancient reptiles pass you on the street in disguise
    Should you see through the mask keeping quite is wise

    Their very mission is to gain ultimate global control
    They possess some powers along with a very dark soul

    Slithered through a portal from the third dimension
    Crimes over the centuries are far too many to mention

    They were there in Egypt seen as the terrible asp
    They enslaved the peoples and their evil took grasp

    In Babylon they were worshiped as demon gods
    The vipers broke all the sanctity and godly laws

    Today they walk our streets they live thousands of years
    Pass them and their very shadow is busy instilling fear

    These venomous snakes control and make most of our laws
    And unfortunately many humans have joined their cause

    If one shines the holy light into their evil eyes
    Their darkness is shattered and their powers die

    For those who insist on judging a book by it’s cover
    One may well end up in bed with a snake as your lover

    Dedicated to David Icke

    Gary E Allen 2012 ©