Essays on Modern Spirituality

eat-my-dustKalatit Jeffrey Baker has published a collection of essays on modern Sprituality and new American Mysticism, entitled ‘Eat my dust, Martin Luther!’

The writings delve into the fundamental questions of life, our soul, and God. The essays engage with questions man has frequently grappled to understand – with a simple and direct approach. Kalatit writes on these topics of spirituality and the meaning of life with good humour and a refreshingly light touch. The book is an enjoyable way to understand the promptings of our soul!

Kalatit explains his choice of title. When a friend heard he was going to write 100 essays, she replied:

“Why not 95, like Martin Lutherʼs Theses?”
“Iʼll do him one better,” I boldly replied, “and attempt 96!”
Hence, this collection and itʼs odd title.


Brief Extract from Book

…And it is our own souls that carry this fight into the Earthly arena, which, considering our lifeʼs brief span and the magnitude of the mission, not only casts victory very much in doubt but perhaps can even explain why theyʼre so anxious about the whole business, as demonstrated by their constant pestering for us to get back into the race; their incessant nagging via our conscience for us to do the right thing; to live a better, more righteous life. Which has also led some to hypothesize that pleadings this intense…”


  • Eat My Dust Martin Luther – 95 essays on Modern Spirituality and New American Mysticism – at (kindle edition)


About Kalatit Jeffrey Baker

kalatitKalatit has been a student of Sri Chinmoy for over 30 years.

He is an accomplished musician, and has worked extensively with the restoration, tuning and sale of pianos. He sees music as an expression of spirituality. More about Kalatit Baker


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