Lorna Byrne Quotes

“Some of the possible futures I have been show have been truly atrocious, and if one of those come to pass I don’t want to be alive to see it. But I have also been shown many wonderful paths, where there is room for everyone to live in harmony and at peace.”

(- Lorna Byrne, Angels in My Hair p271)

“I believe the world in the future can be a wonderful place, but every single individual has to play their part.”

(- Lorna Byrne, Angels in My Hair p271)

“I’m not interested in politics, but I’m very interested in peace,”

(- Lorna Byrne, Angels in My Hair p270)

“Her face was radiant with life. She was perfect; her eyes were blue and shone like the sun, but a billion times more radiant. How can words describe that? All I can say is, when I looked into her eyes there was such gentleness, compassion, peace and such love radiating from them. I know this superb angel standing in front of me could see everything It was as if she recognised and knew every particle within the universe – something completely beyond our human comprehension.” (on Queen of Angels)

(- Lorna Byrne, Angels in My Hair p 295)

“Your soul is perfect; when your soul is free of your body it can travel through the universe to places you could never even imagine. How can I help you to understand how wonderful this feeling is? There is no way to express it; no way to tell you, unless you have experienced it yourself.”

(- Lorna Byrne, Angels in My Hair p186)

“Many of us have a fear of death, but there is no need for it. At the moment of death there is no pain, no discomfort;”

– Lorna Byrne, Angels in My Hair (p185)

“Death is like birth; I know you might think that’s a strange thing to say, but you are being born into a new life. You actually don’t ‘die’, it’s only this physical shell that you leave – like an empty egg shell.”

(- Lorna Byrne, Angels in My Hair p186)

“I grew up an outsider. People could see that I was different and they just couldn’t understand it. That aspect of my life has been very, very hard – and it still is today.”

(- Lorna Byrne, Angels in My Hair p8)

“Your religion makes no difference to the angels: they have told me that all churches should be under one roof. Muslims, Jews, Protestands, Hindus, Catholics and all the other different religions should be together under one umbrella.”

(- Lorna Byrne, Angels in My Hair p31)

“There is no difference between a Muslim soul and a Christian soul. If we could see each other’s souls we would not be killing each other over different interpretations of God.”

(- Lorna Byrne, Angels in My Hair p31)

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