Princess Diana

From Sri Chinmoy to Princess Diana

A Temple-Heart of Sympathy

Princess Diana,
Yours is a temple-heart
Of sympathy, self-giving
And oneness-delight.
Princess Diana, your heart of sympathy covers the length and breadth of the world. There shall come a time when the entire world will value you most sincerely, most lovingly and most wholeheartedly.

In your case, your heart always unites itself with the multiplicity of the world-family. You are inspiring the whole world by virtue of your heart of oneness and sympathy. Eventually your heart will win.

Princess Diana, at such a tender age,
Who could equal you
In breathing the breath
Of the suffering and dying patients?

Princess Diana gave us her heart-garden, which was so beautiful and so inspiring. That is why she will always be remembered as the unparalleled Queen of the universal heart.

Princess Diana had so many spiritual qualities that were just beginning to bud and bloom in her life, the way her service-life had already blossomed. The world knows so much about Princess Diana’s good works and also about her personal and private life, but this spiritual dimension is also extremely important. One might say it is of paramount importance.

Princess Diana, you are no more!
Your soul-bird has reached the Golden Shore.
The world’s bleeding heart mourns your death.
Your life on earth, the Lord’s own Breath.