Biography of John Paul II

“Everything that happened in Eastern Europe in these last few years would have been impossible without the presence of this pope.”

Former Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev
The Pope of the Millennium, Pope John Paul II has been one of the 20th Century’s greatest proponents of peace and goodwill.  A man of intense devotion, he is, above all, a man of the people whose faith-based actions and pure heart of compassion, understanding and oneness have touched and enriched the lives of millions upon millions of world-citizens.  
Fully embracing his role as the spiritual adviser to millions of Catholics, the Pope has traveled exhaustively visiting devotees worldwide; imparting heart-to-heart inspiration and dynamically strengthening the Church’s role not only in the individual consciousness but also in the consciousness of nations.  The Pope, through his resounding call for the dissolution of Communism, wielded unprecedented influence worldwide, inspiring Catholics as well as non-Catholics to increase global pressure to abolish Communism. His actions ultimately helped millions of people living behind the Iron Curtain to experience freedom and, more importantly, gave them an opportunity to quench their aspiration for spiritual fulfillment.