Spiritual Plays

     In this section we wish to focus on an oft overlooked aspect of western drama. Our aim is to present drama, and its art, as the manifestation of an innate evolutionary urge – a spiritual urge – that evolves within and throughout our society’s history. Whether represented through the more simple or singular aspirations of humanity, through an innate spirituality or the poised awareness inherent in divinity there is often a force acting through the tides of life and art and moving on toward a great purpose that the existence of a conscious evolution must presuppose. It is within these currents that we all live and through these currents that we are brought in contact with a more personal and yet universal awareness of life.
     It is thus our hope that we will eventually present drama and the drama of life within a context that enriches both drama and life and our understanding of both and thus their inseparability.

Plays by Sri Aurobindo

  1. Vasavadutta
  2. Perseus the Deliverer

Plays by Sri Chinmoy

  1. Buddha Play “Siddhartha Becomes the Buddha
  2. Krishna Play “Singer of the Eternal Beyond
  3. Jesus Christ Play “The Son”
  4. Sri Ramachandra “My Rama is my All”
  5. Sri Aurobindo – “The Descent of the Blue “

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