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  • Shankaracharya Gets Illumination from a Butcher

    Shankaracharya Gets Illumination from a Butcher

    In India, there is a popular story of how the great scholar, Vedentin and Sage Shankaracharya gained illumination from a lesson where he learned to see God in every person. Sri Chinmoy writes of this illumining tale. “…India’s Shankaracharya is by far the greatest Vedantin that our Mother-Earth has ever produced. At the dawn of […]

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  • Like a Lotus

    Like a Lotus

    In Indian spiritual philosophy the human soul is likened to the Lotus – a most beautiful flower that grows in a miry existence but emerges skyward, delicate petals unfurling at the touch of the suns rays, offering its beauty and fragrance to the heavens. The human soul too has to struggle in the watery bog […]

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  • What to Pray for?

    What to Pray for?

    What should we pray for? People pray for many different things. Pray can be a form of desire. We pray for material comforts or release from physical pain. However prayer can be more than just praying for the satisfaction of our material needs. The highest prayer is merely to become one with the highest spiritual […]

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  • Mirabai and Akbar Play

    Mirabai and Akbar Play

    Sri Krishna Here is a play recently performed for Sri Chinmoy and his students. Its aim is to illustrate how misunderstandings between religions are an ancient challenge for humanity, but as Sri Chinmoy teaches, there is hope for the oneness of all humanity, and that historical figures such as Sri Krishna, Mirabai and Akbar The […]

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  • Zen Story – Sounds of Silence

    Zen Story – Sounds of Silence

    Four monks decided to meditate silently without speaking for two weeks. By nightfall on the first day, the candle began to flicker and then went out. The first monk said, "Oh, no! The candle is out." The second monk said, "Aren’t we not suppose to talk?" The third monk said, "Why must you two break […]

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  • The Wish Fulfilling Tree

    The Wish Fulfilling Tree

      "A young aspirant was sitting at the foot of a tree in the summer heat. Fortunately or unfortunately, the tree he happened to be sitting under was the Kalpataru tree, the tree that fulfils all desires, but he did not know this.…" ….. Read complete story: "The Wish Fulfilling Tree" from Gopal’s Eternal Brother […]

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  • Stories of the Moghul Emperors

    Stories of the Moghul Emperors

    Stories of the Moghul Emperors   At Write Spirit there are many stories of the great Moghul Emperors. Including Babar, Humayun and Akbar. These traditional Indian stories both entertain and inform. These delightful stories of the Moghul Emperors have been retold here by Sri Chinmoy and . You can also listen to online dramatisations at […]

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  • Zen Story – The Holy Man

    Zen Story – The Holy Man

    &nbsp The Holy Man Word spread across the countryside about the wise Holy Man who lived in a small house atop the mountain. A man from the village decided to make the long and difficult journey to visit him. When he arrived at the house, he saw an old servant inside who greeted him at […]

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