Recommended Spiritual Books part 1

These are some of my personal favorite spiritual books. This list is far from exhaustive, but, it is just a few good suggestions.

A Search In Secret India. by Paul Brunton

One always retains a certain affection for the book which gives you a real thirst for the spiritual life. It was the concluding chapter in "A Search in Secret India" by, Paul Brunton, that awoke a real longing for me to try meditation. The book tells of the various adventures and experiences of Paul Brunton, as he travels through India.Throughout the book we are introduced to a variety of exotic fakirs, saints, astrologers and charlatans. But, it is amidst his various journey’s and travels we get a real glimpse of the ancient spirituality of India. In particular, his visit to Arunachala and the great Sage, Ramana Maharshi, really stick in the mind. It is on the holy mountain of Arunachala that Paul Brunton experiences a state of advanced meditation. Much to the credit of the writer, he is able to convey at least a glimpse of this marvelous experience. Most importantly it awakens in the aspirant the feeling that this is something we can experience ourselves.

Paul Brunton

Autobiography of a Yogi. by Paramhansa Yogananda

For many "autobiography of a yogi" has opened up a whole new world of yoga, spiritual masters and Saints. Many concepts in the book are, to a westerner, far removed from our conventional education. Yet, Yogananda writes with such a potent spiritual force that great spiritual feats and experiences feel like a natural occurrence. It is hard, if not impossible, to express experiences of super-consciousness, but through Yogananda we get a memorable insight into the life and viewpoint of a real yogi. Rightly a spiritual classic, the autobiography of a yogi really captures the imagination.

Initiation by Elizabeth Haisch.

Initiation is a fascinating insight into the struggles and spiritual memories of Elizabeth Haisch. We are given a revealing insight into the spirituality of Ancient Egypt, through her memories and experiences we realise the possibilities of reincarnation and self realisation. A treasure of juicy information about reincarnation, but also a book that inspires us to live the spiritual life yourself.

Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda

Savitri by Sri Aurobindo

I have not read even 20% of Savitri, sometimes I read it and I fail to grasp its sublime meaning. Yet, despite my failure to read it in its entirety, it maintains a powerful pull. Some verses stand out, even just a few lines are quite often sufficient to take us to a realm of poetic delight. Savitri gives a unique and unprecedented understanding of profound spiritual truths. Certain chapters I have bookmarked for frequent rereading. In particular, the conversation between Death and Savitri, to me give a quite remarkable view of spiritual evolution and the mystery of life and death. Perhaps, Savitri is far ahead of its time. But to delve into the world of Savitri is like delving into the meditation of a realised Spiritual Master.

Savitri by Sri Aurobindo

Beyond Within. by Sri Chinmoy

Books on spiritual knowledge are numerous, but to read spiritual advice, whilst feeling the illumination of a real spiritual master are rare. The mark of true spiritual writing is not just the words, but the consciousness with which they embody. Through a unique, concise style, Sri Chinmoy highlights spiritual ideals with a mixture of poetry, prose and aphorism. In fact, at times the prose is like poetry. It does not so much argue as state profound truths in the manner of a real Seer. The prose comes with the confidence of one who has experienced these truths in his own life. Whilst the prose is poetic, the poetry can similarly educate like prose. There is beauty and power in the poetry, but Sri Chinmoy also uses short poetic aphorisms as a means to reinforce the meaning of prose in the minimum of words.

Sri Chinmoy

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