Poetry of the Sufi’s



Looking at my life
I see that only Love
Has been my soul?s companion
From deep inside
My soul cries out:
Do not wait, surrender
For the sake of Love.

- Rumi


Sufism is the mystical branch of Islam. It has its roots in the Qu’ran and the Islamic tradition, but at the same times encompasses the universal mysticism that we see in other spiritual traditions

Despite the difficulties of describing their experiences, the words of the Sufi Seers still tease, cajole and inspire us to look beyond the page and into our own hearts. For those who love words, it is necessary to have poetry, which can take us beyond the domain of the intellect. Hafiz beautifully describes the purpose of a poet.

A poet is someone who can pour light into a cup, then raise it to nourish your beautiful parched, holy heart.”


The Ecstatic Poetry of the Sufi’s at Poetseers.org

Photo by Unmesh Swanson Sri Chinmoy Centre galleries

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