Mirabai and Akbar Play

Sri Krishna

Here is a play recently performed for Sri Chinmoy and his students. Its aim is to illustrate how misunderstandings between religions are an ancient challenge for humanity, but as Sri Chinmoy teaches, there is hope for the oneness of all humanity, and that historical figures such as Sri Krishna, Mirabai and Akbar The Great can inspire us and show is the way.

View: Play of Mirabai and Akbar

Script by Sumangali Morhall

selected scenes

[Enter Mirabai and her statue of Krishna]


The honeyed sun came closer to,
but shyly veiled himself from view,
drawing spices from the air.
The maiden moon watched soft and fair.
Early stars came out to glisten.
Bells and creatures stilled to listen:

[Mirabai?s music starts]

Tiger harkened out of sight
Peacock nestled for the night
Spider paused upon his yarn.
The young princess of Rajasthan
sweeter, finer than them all
sang behind a jewelled wall.

[Enter Mother & Father. Mirabai still sings]

Father [furious]:

If I see that Moghul scum
in ten miles of my country come
That rank Mohammedan I?ll curse
with fleas or warts or death, or worse!
I?ll pluck his whiskers one by one!
I?ll light his hair to see him run!
I?ll skin his ears, I?ll roast his eyes!

Mirabai and Akbar play

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