The Young Boy “Buddha” from Nepal

young boy buddha from nepal

Quite an interesting story, a little outdated now but still worth mentioning.

A young boy by the name of Ram Bomjan decided to meditate under a tree continuously for several months. His followers claimed that during this time he didn’t take any food or water. When his activities were observed by a Nepalese government team who gained permission to observe the boy continually for 48 hours. They found that to their amazement, he did remain rigid and focused in meditation.

Back in March he disappeared, perhaps because of all the interest he was receiving. Many locals believe he has gone to meditate in peace away from the glare of the media spotlight.

I feel the boy is genuine. That does not necessarily mean he is a reincarnation of the Buddha. But he seems an advanced soul who has practised meditation sincerly before. Whether he is eating or not. It is worth noting there are not many 16 year old boys who can still still motionless for 10 minutes. Let alone practically all day. His parents say as a young boy he had a particular strong sense of compassion for living creatures.

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