The Astrologer Fulfills His Prophecies

When a young man’s parents died they left him a great deal of money. He was quite rich and didn’t have to work. instead of working, he enjoyed hobbies. one day he was interested in music. The next day he wanted to be a great tennis player. The next day it was something else. Because he couldn’t stick to anything he accomplished nothing at all. He wallowed in the pleasures of wealth and wasted money. But he didn’t worry because he still had plenty of money.

He started casting horoscopes and telling people what would happen in the future. Nobody took him seriously because astrology was only another hobby for him, but everybody liked to hear what he had to say. As long as he didn’t create any problems, nobody minded.

One day his uncle came to visit him looking very sad. The young man asked his uncle, “Why are you so sad?”

His uncle said, “I am sad because I don’t have any money. I am in tremendous financial difficulty.”

The young man said, “Let me take a look at your horoscope. Let’s see what the future holds.”

When the astrologer looked at his uncle’s horoscope he said, “I see that in a month’s time, by a stroke of luck, you will get all the money you need.”

The uncle asked, “Are you sure?”

The young man said, “Your horoscope clearly indicates that you will. I can see it. I’m certain your financial difficulties will end in a month’s time.”

The uncle was very happy to hear that he would get some money. He waited day after day, but nothing happened.

On the last day of the month the uncle happened to be passing by his nephew’s house. The young man was in front of his house and the uncle said to him, “A month has passed and I haven’t gotten any money. Why do you fool people like this? For God’s sake, give up this astrology business. You were not meant to be an astrologer.”

The young man said, “Uncle, I told you to wait for one month. The month is not yet over.”

The uncle said, “You are so stupid! Today is the last day. Who is going to give me money? No one! Either you are a fool or a liar. You know nothing about astrology!”

The young man said, “Yes I do. And I know that you’ll get the money. The day isn’t over yet.”

Then the so-called astrologer went into another room and came back with a large amount of money. He handed it to his uncle and said, “Look, my prophecy is true.”

The uncle said, “Yes! Your prophecy has come true. I am so grateful to you.”

At that moment a schoolteacher happened to be passing by. The schoolteacher didn’t see the nephew giving money to his uncle. He only overheard the uncle praising his astrologer-nephew because the prophecy had come true.

Now for some time the teacher had been thinking of going to this astrologer to have his daughter’s horoscope cast. So the teacher approached the young man and said, “I’ve got a problem. It is now time for my daughter’s marriage. Can you tell me if there’s a chance for her to find a good husband? I’d like her to marry a rich, well-educated man so that she won’t have to worry about her future.”

The young man looked at the daughter’s horoscope and said, “In two months’ time you will find the perfect husband for your daughter. From her horoscope I can see that she is a good girl. You will find the right person to marry her.”

The teacher was excited and began preparing for his daughter’s wedding. He even hired a special cook and servants for the ceremony. Meanwhile, the days were passing, and still he hadn’t found a suitable husband for his daughter. But he had such faith in the young astrologer that he believed something would happen.

Finally, when the two months were almost up, the man went back to the astrologer and said, “Are you sure that my daughter will be married? I have made all the preparations. I’ve arranged for a priest and hired extra servants. I’ve bought jewelry for her wedding. But I haven’t found a bridegroom. What will happen if your prophecy does not come true?”

The astrologer said, “Why do you have to worry? In this village is there anybody who is richer than I am? And do you not think I am handsome? Do you not think I am well-educated?”

The teacher said, “You? How can I expect you to marry my daughter?”

The astrologer said, “Why not?”

The teacher said, “Since you are rich, handsome and kindhearted, will you marry my daughter?”

The young man said, “Of course, of course! You don’t have to worry. We’ll be married tomorrow.”

So the astrologer married the teacher’s daughter, and in this way he kept his promise and made his prophecy come true.

His new wife was very smart. She had heard how her husband had given money to his uncle because his prophecy wasn’t coming true. And she knew that he had to marry her in order to make his next prophecy come true. So she said, “I won’t allow you to continue with this occupation. Since you have so much money, you don’t have to work. But you do have to give up casting horoscopes because you don’t know anything about astrology. if you really love me, then you have to give it up.

“You are the richest person in the village, the zamindar. You have so many servants. If occasionally you go to the fields to supervise, then our servants will do a better job and we will have a bumper crop. This can be your job.”

So every day the young man would spend a few hours looking after the fields. The workers were very happy that he was showing such an interest in their work. The young man was happy knowing that he was accomplishing something positive each day. He had a reason to rise out of bed each morning.

About three months later his uncle came again to him and said, “Nephew, again I am in need of money. Can you cast my horoscope and see if there is any hope for me to get some money?” The uncle was hoping that his nephew would again give him money to fulfill his own prophecy.

The young man said, “I’m sorry. I’ve given up casting horoscopes. My wife said I was no good at it, so I gave it up.’

from Garden of the Soul
by Sri Chinmoy

Published by Health Communications

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