Balarama was Krishna’s brother. He was extremely powerful and his main weapon was the ploughshare.

Once the Kauravas, eternally mischievous, took the opportunity to imprison Krishna’s son, Shamba. Krishna sent some of his representatives to arrange for Shamba’s release, but they came back saying, ‘They refuse to reason. They will not let Shamba go.’

Balarama became furious that his nephew was imprisoned. He went to the Kaurava palace and thrust his ploughshare under its ramparts. Then he said to Duryodhana, the chief Kaurava, ‘If you do not surrender Shamba now, I will destroy this palace!’
Duryodhana knew Balarama’s strength and immediately surrendered Shamba and asked for Balarama’s forgiveness.

Balarama said, ‘Do not act like a fool. Your power is nothing but the exhilaration of your stupidity. You are challenging Krishna. He is the Lord Himself! You are challenging me. I am the one who holds measureless strength! You mortals, never dare to create anger in my brother Krishna or in me, for immediate death will come and shake hands with you. Be careful!’

From ‘Tales of the Mahabharata’ by Sri Chinmoy

Published by Citadel Books

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