Shiva Fulfils All Boons

Lord Shiva is usually very calm and poised. He never brags like the other
cosmic gods. It is not his way. Again, at one time or another, everybody
becomes subject to pride. Since the time of our ancestors, our perennial
source, we have all suffered from pride. This story is about Shiva?s pride.<br>
One day Shiva said, ?People are always begging Brahma, Vishnu and me for
this thing and that thing. Why do they have to beg? I have decided that they
will only have to ask me once, and then I will immediately fulfil their desire.
If I can give them a boon as soon as they utter their prayer, then naturally
I will be the greatest, the most kind-hearted of the cosmic gods.?<br>
In this way Shiva wanted to prove that he was the greatest and also the best
of the gods. To other gods you have to pray for 60,000 years before they
will grant a boon, but Shiva promised that he would grant any boon as soon
as the prayer was uttered.<br>
One day, a king came to see Shiva. This particular king was very cruel and
unkind. He said to Shiva, ?Please grant me a boon.?<br>
?I shall grant any boon that you want,? announced Shiva. At once the king
said, ?This is the boon that I desire: whomever I touch will turn to ashes.?<br>
?Oh, that is easy,? said Shiva. ?I grant you the boon. The moment you place
your hands on somebody?s head, that person will be reduced to ashes.?<br>
The cruel king was so happy. He said to Shiva, ?I am so grateful to you.
Now let me put my hands on your head to see whether you are telling me the
Shiva started running away as fast as he could and the king began chasing
him. Shiva was in serious trouble. He knew that if the king caught him and
placed his hands on his head, he would be turned to ashes in an instant.
Shiva ran and ran. Finally, he entered Vishnu?s abode. ?Vishnu, Vishnu, what
have I done? Save me, save me!? he cried.<br>
With his third eye, Vishnu saw what had happened and he said to Shiva, ?Do
not worry. Just go and hide in my private room. No one is allowed to enter
that room without my permission. I shall deal with that fellow.?<br>
A few moments later, the king entered Vishnu?s abode. He challenged Vishnu,
?Where is Shiva? He gave me a boon and now he refuses to let me test it on
Vishnu answered, ?I can see you do not know Shiva?s nature. He is a liar.
When did he get that kind of spiritual power? He is my dearest friend. I
know him so well. He definitely told you a lie. That is why he is running
away. Here is the proof! If he had told you the truth, he would not be afraid
of being exposed. I tell you, Shiva is a liar and a coward of the first order.
He has no morality! You are wasting your time chasing him. I can easily prove
that he is a liar. Just put your hands on your own head, and you will see
that nothing will happen to you, absolutely nothing?I assure you.?<br>
Sri Chinmoy&nbsp;

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