Krishna Prays to Have a Son

Lord Krishna was consumed with the desire to have a son. So he went to seek
the advice of a particular sage. When the sage saw Lord Krishna, he was overwhelmed
with joy. Everybody was shouting, ?Krishna has come, Krishna has come!? and
they all started worshipping Krishna.<br>
The sage asked Krishna, ?Please tell me what I can do for you. Is there anything
that you would like me to do??<br>
Krishna answered, ?It is a very simple thing that I want. I want to have
a son. Please tell me how I can have a son.?<br>
?Only Lord Shiva can help in this matter,? said the sage. ?You have to pray
to Lord Shiva. First, you must gather one thousand flowers. With these flowers
you must worship Lord Shiva for many years. When Lord Shiva is pleased with
your worship, you will be granted a son.?<br>
Krishna left the cottage of the sage and entered into seclusion. He put ashes
all over his body and clothed himself in the bark of a tree. For years and
years he prayed, only to have a glimpse of Lord Shiva and to ash him for
a boon.<br>
With her third eye, Parvati saw that Krishna was praying and praying all
alone in the heart of the forest. She said to her husband, ?My Lord, what
are you doing? Why are you not responding? Lord Krishna has been worshipping
you, only you, for so many years.?<br>
?What do you want me to do?? asked Shiva.<br>
?Just go and stand before him,? pleaded Parvati. ?As a matter of fact, let
us go together.?<br>
Both Parvati and Shiva appeared before Krishna. Shiva said to him, ?What
are you doing? Why should you, of all people, pray to me? You are Narayana,
you are Vishnu, you are the avatar of this era, you pervade everything. Why
then are you praying to me??<br>
Krishna responded, ?Lord Shiva, I know that you are the only one who can
fulfil my desire.?<br>
?Is there any desire which you yourself cannot fulfil?? asked Shiva.<br>
?I was told that only you can fulfil this particular desire. Therefore, I
have come to you,? answered Krishna.<br>
?What is your desire?? asked Shiva.<br>
?I wish to have a son exactly like you,? Krishna said to Shiva. ?It has to
be exactly like you, otherwise I do not want it.?<br>
Shiva and Parvati both smiled and immediately Shiva granted Krishna the boon.
Krishna returned home and, after some time, his wife, Jambavati, bore a son.
They named him Samba.<br>
What does it mean to have a son exactly like Shiva? On the one hand, Shiva
is always lost in trance. But, on the other hand, Shiva?s function is to
destroy. From destruction comes transformation. This boy, Samba, did many
unbearable things during his life. Eventually he brought about the total
destruction of Krishna?s family. So you can say that Krishna knew that transformation
was needed and transformation must be preceded by destruction. That is why
he prayed to have a son like Shiva.<br>
Sri Chinmoy&nbsp;

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