born February 15, 1483 , principality of Fergana [now in Uzbekistan]
died December 26, 1530 , Agra, India

Babar is rightly considered the founder of the Indian Moghul Empire, even though the work of consolidating the empire was performed by his grandson Akbar. Babar, moreover, provided the glamour of magnetic leadership that inspired the next two generations.

Babar was a military adventurer of genius, an empire builder of good fortune, and an engaging personality. He was also a Turki poet of considerable gifts that would have won him distinction apart from his political career. He was a lover of nature who constructed gardens wherever he went and complemented beautiful spots by holding convivial parties. Finally, his prose memoirs, the Babar-nameh, have become a world classic of autobiography. They were translated from Turki into Persian in Akbar’s reign (1589) and were translated into English in two volumes in 1921 – 22 with the title Memoirs of Babar. They portray a ruler unusually magnanimous for his age, cultured, witty, convivial, and full of good fellowship and adventurous spirit, with a sensitive eye for natural beauty.

Babar Stories

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