Akbar The Great


Akbar (1556 – 1605)

The Greatest Moghul Emperor

The greatest Moghul Emperor was Akbar. It was he who wanted both the Hindus and the Muslims to be united. He was generous to the extreme and just to the extreme. Among the Moghul Emperors, he was the true ideal.

In the beginning of his reign, Akbar had to fight to maintain control of the Moghul Empire, but after a few years, when he became very powerful, people loved and admired him so much that he did not have to fight any more.

Stories about Akbar

  1. The Birth of Akbar
  2. Boiram Khan Retires
  3. The Old Lady and the Dagger
  4. The Emperor’s Hidden Gift
  5. Akbar’s Secret Visit to Mirabai
  6. Akbar Prays for a Son
  7. The Minister’s Temple
  8. The Immeasurable Wealth of the Moghul Empire


The Moghul Emperors

Stories by Sri Chinmoy

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