Take Your Tongue Back

Ramdas Kathiya Baba had a disciple who had a very foul tongue. Everybody was horrified at his foul language. Many times he had insulted and scolded even his Master, Ramdas. Finally it came to the point when his language was unbearable for everyone. Then Ramdas said to him, “To punish you I am taking your tongue away for twelve years. Now try to talk.”

Ramdas did not actually remove the man’s tongue, but he took away the disciple’s speech-power. From that moment the disciple could not speak, and for twelve long years he did not utter a word.

At the end of twelve years Ramdas Kathiya Baba said, “Take your tongue back,” and the disciple could talk again.


Silence prepares; speech offers. If there is no preparation, then there can be nothing worth giving. First we dive deep within; then we can either march forward or fly upward.

Sri Chinmoy

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