Protection Guaranteed

A disciple of Ramdas Kathiya Baba had to go out of town on business for a few days. For various reasons he could not take his young wife with him, although she was terribly afraid of staying alone at night, so the Master said to the husband, “You tell your wife not to worry. I shall take care of her.”

That night the young woman had a dream that her whole room was flooded with light. When she woke up and opened her eyes, she saw the Master in a corner of the room. It was not the Master’s physical body she saw, but his luminous subtle body, but she felt that it was actually his physical body. The Master said to her, “My child, until your husband comes back, always feel that I will be here to protect you,” and the Master’s subtle body with its luminosity protected her until her husband returned.


Human responsibility is such that we can either minimise it or maximise it, contract it or expand it, decrease it or increase it. In the case of a spiritual Master, his responsibility only increases at every moment. A spiritual Master enjoys the increase of responsibility, for his responsibility is nothing short of a golden opportunity for him to manifest more divine Peace, Light and Bliss on earth.

In this case Ramdas showed that a spiritual Master takes care not only of his dear disciples, but also of those who are closely connected with them. The teacher accepts the student not only with what he is, but also with what he has.

Sri Chinmoy 

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