I Want Justice-Light

Early in the morning Ramdas was meditating in his garden when he saw a young man. “What do you want?” he asked the youth.

The boy replied, “I have come here to take some pomegranate leaves. My doctor has asked me to bring him some leaves of this plant so that he will be able to cure me.”

“No, you can’t take any leaves; they are my possession,” said Ramdas. “Go and ask your doctor to get them from someone else.”

The boy could not believe his ears. “You are a spiritual Master. You have so many disciples. You should be generous. You can’t part with a few leaves, a few insignificant leaves?”

Ramdas said, “I have not come here to learn your philosophy. Get out. If you don’t leave this place, I shall break your head with my stick.”

The young man became so angry that he wanted to strike the Master with his stick. Ramdas shouted until many people came. Then he explained, “This boy wanted to take away some leaves without my permission.”

“I am asking your permission,” said the boy.

“But I am not granting you permission,” replied the Master.

What could the disciples do? They compelled the boy to leave without the pomegranate leaves.

Then the disciples said to Master Ramdas, “We shall never understand you.”

“You don’t have to understand me,” Ramdas said. “Only do what I want you to do. I want justice-light.”

The disciples said, “We shall never understand you. At one moment you don’t need anything. Even if someone places the whole world’s wealth at your feet, you ignore it. But now you are fighting over a few leaves. When you receive nice gifts, like a child you come and tell us how beautiful they are. The other day the girls from the King’s family sent you a shawl. Everybody saw how happy you were to have it. You ran into the market place, telling everyone, ‘Look, look, how beautiful this shawl is! And who has given it to me? The girls from the King’s family.’ This moment you act like an innocent child; the next moment you act like a cruel man.”

Kathiya Baba said to his disciples, “Don’t judge me. You will never be able to fathom me. Only have faith in me and do whatever I ask you to do. This is the only way you will realise me.”


What is justice? Justice is the execution of God’s Will. God’s Will is infinitely higher than man’s mental grasp can reach. God is not bound by any law. He wants to enjoy the infinite in the finite. He wants to bring down the message of immortality into the very heart of death. A spiritual Master is God’s representative. Out of His infinite Bounty God has granted him boundless Peace, Light and Bliss. The Master wants to share these gifts with the rest of the world.

The human mind did not know, could not know, that the young boy carried very impure vibrations which were affecting Kathiya Baba’s meditation. It was not really a question of a few pomegranate leaves. If the young man had not carried an impure vibration and disturbed Ramdas’ peace with his impurity, perhaps the Master would have given him the leaves. But the teacher had every right to throw the boy out, for stealing is one kind of ignorance, and carrying impurity is another. Why should a spiritual Master condone two acts of ignorance?

Sri Chinmoy 

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