The Master’s Protection-Arms

The Master’s Protection-Arms

The Master’s Protection-Arms

Another most striking incident took place in the same family. One night a group of hooligans came to the house of the old mother and the widow and were about to strike them. The hooligans wanted to take away their valuable possessions and all their money.

Both the mother and the wife shouted, screamed and cried for help at the top of their voices. Who appeared before them to save them? Their Master, Nigamananda. He appeared in a most beautiful and powerful form and threatened the hooligans with a trident, saying he would destroy them all. Then he made a circle and said that if the family stayed inside the circle, they would be safe. In Nigamananda’s presence the two women brought all their valuables and money into the circle, and there they were well-protected by their Master’s spiritual and occult power.

Before daybreak the hooligans, finding that they were helpless, left the house.


The Master’s compassion-heart can always play the role of protection-arms. The Master loves his dear ones infinitely more than the dear ones can imagine. It is the unconditional love and concern of the Master for his dear ones that keeps the seekers’ aspiration-flames burning.

Sri Chinmoy

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