Attachment-Cry Versus Oneness-Sky

Before the great spiritual Master Nigamananda was known by that name, he was called Nolini Kanto. When his wife died, he could not bear the loss, and for a while he literally became insane. Finally he went to a spiritual Master and begged the Master to show him his wife in the other world.

The Master said with utmost affection, “My son, do not cry for things that are transitory. The body came, the body left; but the soul remains eternally. If you pray and meditate, you will see the soul of your wife everywhere. You have all along been attached to the body. Now you should be attached to the soul. When one is attached to the soul, it is not actually attachment; it is devotedness. I see that a day will come when you will give illumination to many. God wants you to be totally freed from earthly bondage. But God will not be satisfied with only your personal liberation. After you have achieved liberation, He wants you to liberate all those who will be with you, at your feet.”


The body’s attachment-cry is always most painful. The soul’s detached oneness is always fruitful. The body knows how to cry the loneliness-cry. The soul knows how to fly in the oneness-sky.

Sri Chinmoy

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