Flood of Compassion-Heart

Gambhirananda was a man of few words. Sometimes people used to misunderstand him, thinking he was indifferent to the world, because he used to hide his compassionate heart. But when necessity demanded, he helped people, cured them and illumined them unreservedly and unconditionally.

Gambhirananda was fond of animals – both ferocious animals and tame household pets. Ferocious animals even roamed among the Master’s attendants. These animals were very fond of Gambhirananda, and he gave them much affection and love.

One night, a disciple was sleeping beside the Master’s room when some noise from inside the room woke him up. He quietly opened the door of the Master’s room and saw the Master feeding quite a few mice with small pieces of bread. He was offering them the bread with great affection.

When Gambhirananda saw the disciple, he was a little bit embarrassed to be seen feeding mice at that hour, but the disciple was very moved. The Master quite often showed tremendous indifference to seekers outwardly, but here the disciple saw that his compassionate heart cried even for poor little mice.


It is almost impossible to fathom a spiritual Master’s compassion-height and justice-light. His justice-light is admired and adored by the brave. His compassion-height is loved and adored by the hopeless and helpless. But his compassion-height and justice-light together prepare the seeker for an integral understanding of God the Creator Supreme and God the Creation Manifested.

Sri Chinmoy 

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