Far Above Human Standards

A few months after the Queen had offered her temple to Bama, the Master one
day got inspiration to pass water and sprinkle it all over the temple.<br>
The priest and the guard were horrified, but Bama just said to them, “She
is my Mother, I am her little child. What else do you expect me to do if
I don’t pass water on Her? I have a right to do these kinds of things. What
does the little child do with the mother? The child passes water.”<br>
The priest and the guard thought that if they made complaints to the Queen,
the Queen would be really angry with Bama for his bad behaviour. They were
already jealous of him because the Queen always showed him tremendous concern
and love. So they went to the Queen and told her what had happened, expressing
tremendous anxiety, worry and fear.<br>
The Queen scolded them mercilessly. “You fools!” she said. “This is a matter
entirely related to the Mother and the son. Bama’s Mother is the Goddess
Tara; he is his Mother’s dearest son?Her darling little child. Mother and
son are one. This is none of our business; we should stay totally out of
it. Let the problem be solved by the Mother and the son. They are dearer
than the dearest to each other, so mind your own business. Don’t make any
complaints against Bama. He is far above our human standards.”<br>
Sri Chinmoy&nbsp;

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