Bama Eats the Temple Prasad

Bama used to frequent a temple dedicated to the Goddess Tara that was owned
by a Queen. One day he went into the temple and ate all the prasad that had
been offered to the Goddess. When the head priest and the guard saw what
Bama had done, they struck him mercilessly.<br>
That night the Queen had a most frightening dream. She saw the Goddess Tara
weeping in front of her. On the one hand, she was so delighted to see the
Goddess, who was the goal of her life. On the other hand, she was so sad
to see the Goddess weeping.<br>
The Goddess Tara showed the Queen her back, which was bleeding. “My dearest
son, Bama, ate the food that was meant for Me in the temple. Your priest
and your guard have beaten him mercilessly. If the son can’t eat his mother’s
food, who can eat it?”<br>
The Queen did not know who Bama was, but the next morning she asked the priest
and the guard to bring him to her. They looked for him, but he was nowhere
to be found. It took them three days to find Bama. He was still suffering
from the pain of the beating, so they were very kind, affectionate and apologetic
to him. When they brought him to the Queen she looked at him and felt miserable.<br>
The Queen said to Bama, “From now on this temple is yours. Before we place
food in the temple, we shall feed you first. This is what the Goddess Tara
wants from me. I shall have to feed you first before I offer food to Her
in the temple.” Bama was very happy and delighted. From that day on, his
poverty was over.<br>
Sri Chinmoy&nbsp;

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