Sri Chinmoy 3100 Mile Race 2004

The 2004 race was the 8th 3100 mile racepromoted by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team. It was held on the usual .58 mile course in Jamaica, New York. The course is near the home of Sri Chinmoy and enterprises of the Sri Chinmoy Centre. To make it more tough for the runners the course is all on hard concrete. All runners will go through several pairs of shoes in seeking to finish the race. To complete in the 51 day limit the runners need to complete an average of over 60 miles per day.

Some of the 3100 mile Runners

The 2004 race was won by Asphrihanal Aalto from Finland. Second place was taken by Michael Peel from Australia. Third was Smarana Puntigam. Fourth Madhupran Schwerk and Fifth Arpan DeAngelo.

The Race was extended to allow other competitors to finish.

Other finishers of the race included:

Day 53 **News Flash** – Oleg Lebedyev of Kiev, Ukraine just finished 3100 miles in a time of 53 days + 3:57:38. Oleg was the sixth finisher in this year’s race and the first person from the Ukraine, a remarkable acheivement for a first time participant in the race.

Day 54 – Matt Boulton of Canberra, Australia finished the 3100 mile race in a time of 54 days + 15:39:14 setting a new Australian record. Completing the distance in only his second try this was a miraculous achievement for Matt. Great going!!

Day 55

Abichal Watkins of Wales just completed this year’s 3100 Mile Race in a time of 55 days + 8:32:41. This is Abichal’s second attempt at the race and first completion. Great going

 Day 56 Suprabha Beckjord completes 3100 miles for the eighth straight year…

The last day. Welshman Abichal Watkins reached 3100 miles for the first time in his running life, finishing in eighth place in 55 days+08:32:41. He is now ranked fourteenth on the elite list of finishers. A few hours later, Suprabha Beckjord completed 3100 miles for the eighth straight year, becoming the only person to ever run all eight editions. She finished in 55 days +13:13:00. She is still the only woman to ever toe the line at this race, and is ranked eighth alltime amongst all finishers. She has now run 45,192 laps of the familiar concrete course (.5488 of a mile) in eight years .

The 3100 race founder is Sri Chinmoy. Sri Chinmoy often visited the race to give encouragement to the runners.

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