Sri Chinmoy and World Harmony

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Since coming to the West in 1964 Sri Chinmoy has dedicated his life to the pursuit of friendship, harmony, and greater understanding amongst different peoples and nations.

Sr align=”left” class=”img_top” alt=”Sri Chinmoy 17kb” src=”/sri_chinmoy/sri_chinmoy.jpg” style=”width: 145px; height: 184px;” />i Chinmoy states that to attain peace in our outer life’s we first need to attain peace of mind. This inner peace comes through the practice of meditation and prayer and simplifying our outer life. If we can get inner peace during our morning meditation this will spread to other we come into contact with. If there we have no peace ourselves we will not be able to bring peace to other people. As more people pray for peace this will have the effect of improving the world situation.

This inner peace comes through using our heart and not our physical mind

” This mind is the doubting mind, and in the doubting mind wecan never feel the presence of peace. We can feel the presence of peace only in the loving heart. The doubting mind leads us to total frustration. The loving heart leads us to complete satisfaction. “

From: Peace by Sri Chinmoy

As well as advocating the pursuit of the inner life, through spiritual disciplines such as meditation. Sri Chinmoy also advocates physical exercise as being beneficial to inner peace. If we are fit and healthy our mind will have less things to complain about. When we take part in exercise our mind is released from its usual thought patterns, and often enables us to ‘clear our minds’.

Sri Chinmoy is the founder of the international Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, which organises many running races and triathalons. The World Harmony Run is another initiative inspired by Sri Chinmoy and organised by the SCMT. The aim of the World Harmony Run is to offer a simple message of promoting greater understanding, friendship and harmony between people from all around the world. It is a symbol of how various nationalites, races and religious traditions can unite beyond this common universal goal of world harmony. The World Harmony Run does not have any political or fundraising aspect. Its message is that to change the world we need to first change ourselves. Bringing greater harmony into our lives means that we can then offer this to others as well. The World Harmony Run is a global relay held in 5 different continents passing through over 70 Countries and touching the lives of 1000s of people. Runners hold an Olympic style torch, the flame symbolises hope and aspiration for a better future. Usually the Run visits schools on the route. Young school children are often the most receptive to the spirit of the run and often enjoy the experience tremendously. For more information visit the extensive website of the World Harmony Run. Also see article “Vision of World Harmony Run

Thus to bring about greater world harmony Sri Chinmoy advocates a balanced life. Inner peace through meditation and prayer and dynamism in the outer life.

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