Sri Chinmoy Concert – Christchurch

Sri Chinmoy offered a significant concert for nearly 800 people in
New Zealand’s Christchurch Cathedral (the main cathedral in

This cathedral is the central spot for visitors and residents alike.
Regardless of religion, the cathedral is a welcoming focal point
which sees seekers, shoppers, travelers, businessmen, street
musicians, lively teenagers, lunchtime office folk and just about
everyone pass by or stay near its spire for a few minutes. To me it
represents tolerance and the open arms you find in Christchurch. The
Savior would be proud of the service His little big church is doing

And I was very happy there to hear a concert by Sri Chinmoy that
brought all of these people together under one roof to experience the
quiet through music that this musical master brings.  There was a
variety of instruments that came to life at his beck, including the
opening trumpet-like conch, the flute, violin, haunting Japanese
keyboard, and several others.

There was not one word spoken from the beginning to the end of the
concert.  The music was a real refuge from the stress of the world,
and you came away feeling recharged, feeling as if you had been in on
something special, something that spoke the real language beyond

I remember seeing kids, old ladies and men, the poor, the rich, sit
through the generous two-hour offering and come away with a nod to me
and a smile. We had shared something.

Now, remembering this event, I feel that I had one of the most
memorable musical meals of my life.

If you can hear Sri Chinmoy, either live or through one of his CDs, I
do recommend it highly.



Seattle, Sri Chinmoy Centre

Originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group

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