What is a Guru

The closest English equivalent of the term Guru is ‘Master’. The actual meaning of the word Guru is sometimes lost sight of in today’s world, as it is used as a term to refer to any high level teacher or instructor. A true Guru is one who has attained God-realisation. The Guru guides the student or disciple through the many stages of the Yoga journey, one who like an inner coach helps us to reach the ultimate goal; absolute oneness with God which is God-realisation. The literal meaning of Yoga is union, the union of the individual soul with our source or our highest self. The Guru shows us the way to achieve this highest of goals.

This immense journey of self-transformation requires from the disciple sincerity, determination, aspiration and perseverance. The Guru lovingly and patiently with the perfect blend of compassion and strictness, guides the disciple through the myriad of inner experiences one must have before achieving God-realisation. The Guru also helps the disciple to conquer and transcend the many inner and outer obstacles to their spiritual progress.

To perform such a role, a true Guru therefore is someone who must be God-realised themselves, someone who has reached through lifetimes of intense Yogic practises, the highest pinnacles of consciousness. A true Guru’s whole life is firmly established in God consciousness and is a radiant example at every moment, of the integral Yoga. God-realised Masters will express and reveal in all that they do, the direct experience and knowledge of God.

‘He alone is the true teacher who is illumined by the light of true Knowledge.’ – Sri Ramakrishna.

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