The Scholar Came to His Senses

Once a Brahmin met a scholar walking in the street. The Brahmin was holding a copy of the Gita, and his eyes were swimming in a sea of tears. The scholar thought that the Brahmin was unable to understand some of the teachings of the Gita. He came to the Brahmin and said, ‘Don’t cry, I have come here to help you. Tell me, where do you find it difficult, which particular sloka don’t you understand? I shall explain it to you.’

The Brahmin replied, ‘I am weeping because I see the Lord Krishna right in front of me. No matter what page I turn to, I see Arjuna’s chariot. I see Arjuna’s charioteer, Krishna. These are my psychic tears. I see my Lord in all the pages, I see Sri Krishna in his chariot. That is why I am shedding tears. It is not that I do not understand the teachings of the Gita.?

The scholar came to his senses.

— Story by Sri Chinmoy



It is said it takes a few hours to read sacred scriptures. It can take many years to understand them. But, to life the truth of the scriptures can take many lifetimes. In this case, the second Brahmin understood and felt the living spirituality of the Gita with all his mind, heart and soul.


Stories from the Bhagavad Gita

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