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Zen Buddhism

The Zen Masters teach that the pure mind is the eternal Buddha – nature. To attain enlightenment, to be aware of one’s own Buddha – nature, it is necessary to go beyond our ordinary thoughts. When we are free from our own projections and ideas, we can be aware of the Buddha Reality which is all pervading.

” Confused by thoughts,
we experience duality in life.
Unencumbered by ideas,
the enlightened see the one Reality.”

– Hui – Neng

Zen quotes are inherently paradoxical, because the goal of Zen cannot adequately be described in words. Great Zen Masters often appeared to be talking in riddles as they tried to point their students towards their Buddha nature – A consciouness that is all pervading yet eludes our grasp.

” It is present everywhere.
There is nothing it does not contain.
However only those who have previously
planted wisdom – seeds will be able
to continuously see it.”

– Dogen

Who says my poems are poems?
These poems are not poems.
When you can understand this,
then we can begin to speak of poetry.

– Ryokan

Zen teachings are noted for their compact and terse nature. This is because enlightenment cannot be attained by studying complex scriptures, enlightenment comes through inner practise.

” I have not heard of a sinlge Buddha, past or present, who has been enlightened by sacred prayers and scriptures.”

– Bassui

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