‘For the sake of it, you journey to sacred shrines and holy rivers;
but this priceless jewel is within your own heart.’

– From Guru Granth Shahib

Sikhism was founded in the Punjab by Guru Nanak and is a monotheistic religion.

Sikhs think religion should be practiced by living in the world and coping with life’s everyday problems

Intrinsic to the Sikh faith is the Holy Book Guru Granth Sahib.The Guru Granth Sahib is founded on the teaching of Guru Nanak and the 9 Sikh Guru’s who followed him. This book is treated with the greatest of respect and is the cornerstone of the religion. Sikhism was born out of Hinduism and Islam which were the prevalant relgions of the time. However most Sikhs see Sikh teachings as a direct revelation from God and therefore a separate entity.

Guru Nanak (1469-1539) was one of the greatest religious innovators of all time and the founder of the Sikh religion

Guru Nanak pic 

Sikh Prayer


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