Talks by Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy – Talks


” You are God’s Beauty:
Beauty human,
Beauty divine,
Beauty supreme.
This lofty truth shall forever remain unchallenged.  “

Sri Chinmoy

  1. Talks on The Spiritual Life
  2. Talks on God
  3. Talks on Meditation
  4. Talks on Kundalini
  5. Talks on Life and Death
  6. Talks on God Realisation
  7. Freedom
  8. Experience
  9. Indian Philosophy: A Glimpse
  10. Individuality and Personality
  11. Just For Today
  12. Know Thyself
  13. Love Human, and Love Divine
  14. Man and His Goal
  15. Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality
  16. Power
  17. The Quintessence of Mysticism
  18. Time
  19. The Universe
  20. Reality and Unreality
  21. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  22. You
  23. Talks on Duty and Service
  24. Talks on Transformation

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Other Spiritual Talks

– Spiritual Writings

Sri Chinmoy

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