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The Message of the Gita, by Sri Aurobindo

The Dejection of Arjuna (Chapter I)
Sankhyayoga (Chapter II)
Karmayoga (Chapter III)
Towards the Yoga of Knowledge (Chapter IV)
The King-Knowledge or the King-Secret (Chapter IX)
The Yoga of Renunciation (Chapter V)
The Yoga of the Supreme Spirit (Chapter VI)
The Field and Its Knower (Chapter XIII)
The Yoga of Knowledge (Chapter VII)
The Immutable Brahman (Chapter VIII)
The Vision of the World-Spirit (Chapter XI)
God in Power of Becoming (Chapter X)
The Supreme Divine (Chapter XV)
Bhakti Yoga (Chapter XII)
The Three Gunas (Chapter XIV)
Deva and Asura (Chapter XVI)
Faith and the Three Gunas (Chapter XVII)
Renunciation and Moksha (Chapter XVIII)

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