Two aspects of meditation – quiet mind, open heart

Good meditation involves quietening the mind and opening the heart.  Usually our mind is constantly engaged in thoughts and can only experience a limited sense of peace. The first aspect of meditation is trying to quieten and ultimately still the mind. The complement to silencing the mind is ‘opening the heart.’ As we begin to […]


Spiritual significance of Christmas

Christmas is a significant date because of the birth of Jesus Christ – who offered a message of peace, forgiveness and divine love. Christmas is a special opportunity to put aside the material world and focus on the spiritual aspirations of peace and happiness. “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children […]


How science can help spirituality

He says that science Has made life too easy. Human beings have become Lazy and lethargic. I say that science Is offering to humanity More leisure time To pray and meditate. It is up to the individual To avail himself Of that golden opportunity. Sri Chinmoy [1] Sri Chinmoy often talks about how technology can […]


The power of appreciating beauty

“Appreciate beauty to become beauty itself” – Sri Chinmoy I was struck by this aphorism. Simple yet full of significance. To appreciate goodness and beauty is to make it part of ourself. There is much beauty in the world, but we can lose sight of this – becoming instead caught by the problems, darkness and […]


Making friends with an old adversary

The hazel tree is an old adversary. Sitting at the corner of the garden, it casts a long shadow over the garden. The tree is no respecter of boundaries; it’s sprawling trunk cuts into four different properties. Though the tree might counter, ‘I was here long before your man made fences’. But, as a keen […]


The person on the end of the phone

There are some irritants of modern life – call centres, canvassers, getting a parking tickets e.t.c. But, before we take it out on the person at the end of the line, we should try and put ourselves in their shoes for a moment. Given different circumstances, it could easily be us. It is easy to […]


Economics and spirituality

As an economist and someone who practises spirituality, I haven’t often contemplated this combination of unlikely bedfellows – economics and spirituality Economics or ‘the dismal science’ is a subject primarily limited to materialism and the wealth of nations; and so is rarely considered from any metaphysical perspective. Self-interest theory A compelling idea in economics is […]


The spirituality of Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was a remarkable man. A man of both science and art, who matched a ceaseless creativity with a passion and devotion for discovering the wonders and beauty of life. In art, Da Vinci left humanity the immortal Mona Lisa, which offered a glimpse of the Transcendent in the human-form. Da Vinci was […]


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