Ghazal 333


Mourning the night of the dead, when I begin to wail
With my tearful lamentations, weave many a tale.
Remembering my home and friends, I cry so much
That the way of travelling, everyone will assail.
My home is with my friends, not in a strange land
O God, back to my friends, show and pave my trail.
Only with God’s grace, my companion on the path
I shall raise my flag at the Tavern of the Grail.
When will ever the youth take advice of the old?
Once again, young idols, ardently I love and hail.
My sole companion is the breeze & Northern Wind
Save the breeze, everyone, in befriending me shall fail.
The hope of my friend’s home is my water of life
Let the scent of Shiraz upon the breeze set sail.
My tears rolled & displayed my faults upon my face
My slanderer is at home, I complain to what avail?
I heard Venus at dawn, while drawing open the veil
Enslaved to Hafiz’s voice and sweet songs in detail.

© Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, Ca
January 27, 2000

Translation by Shariar Shariar:
Reproduced with permission


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