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Spiritual music can be a valuable aid to meditation. Music can drown out any background noises, but also the right music can inspire us and elevate our consciousness. To get the most from meditative music we should listen with our heart rather than mind. The mind tends to criticise and complicate things, but the heart embraces the consciousness of the music

This is some of my favourite music I use for meditation. Most of these downloads are from Radio Sri Chinmoy which you can save to your device or listen online. (to save tracks, right click to download)
Sri Chinmoy plays the flute

“Calm, relaxing and very meditative.”

More: Flute music at Radio Sri Chinmoy

Mp4 flue music track – Download


immortalitys-dawn-by-shindhu-226-250Shindhu – Immortality’s Dawn

“Haunting, ethereal, soothing music for meditation. A perennial favourite.”

View full album: Immortalitiy’s Dawn

Download: Ashar niye m4a



“A wonderful fusion of western and Indian instruments. Beautiful invocation of the psychic source of music”

View full album: Prem Sagare

Download: Tomara Chahina Tale m4a



“Fusion of Eastern and Western styles by these musically gifted musicians from across Europe.”

View full album: Temple-Song-Hearts XIII

Download: Amar Sakal mp3



“Aceppela singing which embodies purity, devotion, and simplicity. A musical feast to take the listener Heavenward”

View full album: Oneness-Dream in Scotland – recorded in Roslyn chapel

Download: Madhurata Jetanai mp3


indian-summerIndian music

“The evocative spirit of India – meditative music played in Indian style – with sitar, harmonium, and table.”

View full album: Indian Summer

Download: Indian mix mp3

Meditation music on Youtube

To download music from youtube videos, use this youtube to MP3 converter.

Ananda perform some simple meditation mantras – effective for meditation. Try sing along to the mantras to get into the flow of the meditative mantras.

Agnikana’s group – a beautiful and haunting performance of Ore tora.
More free downloads of Agnikana’s group.

Ranjit and Unmesh – O Kanaiya.


“Music is the inner or universal language of God. I do not speak French or German or Italian, but if music is played from any of those countries, immediately the heart of the music enters into my heart, or my heart enters into the music. At that time no outer communication is needed; the inner communion of the heart is enough. My heart is communing with the heart of the music, and in our communion we become inseparably one.”

–  Sri Chinmoy from: Music and Meditation

Other albums

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