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A simple truth to be shared

Buddha Maitreya (Koji Takeuchi) has spent the last 35 years of his life transforming a two-acre plot into traditional Japanese garden. He uses the garden to teach meditation and offer a path of inner peace.

I like this video for its simplicity and example of practical spirituality. To work and create a beautiful garden – with the aim of offering the peaceful surrounding to others – in the hope of providing a catalyst for people to find their inner peace and happiness within.

A seeker’s journey

This video is a very nice interview with Atmananda, one of the principal assistants of the great yogini Anandamayi Ma. Anandamayi Ma grew up in Bengal, which was also the birthplace of other great Masters such as Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Paramhansa Yogananda and Sri Chinmoy. She spent almost sixty years of her life going from one place to another across the vast Indian subcontinent, where crowds of people would throng to see her in the blissful consciousness that gave rise to her name (Anandamayi=’filled with bliss’)

The interviewee, Atmananda, is Austrian by birth and came to India in 1935 to teach English in the Indian city of Benares. She met Anandamayi Ma in 1943. Later on she was to quit her school job and remain with Anandamayi Ma on her travels, translating many books of her sayings from Bengali to English and editing an English. The interview takes place in 1981, the year before Anandamayi Ma left her mortal frame.

By this time, Anandamayi Ma was very well known, and the video mentions the masses of people coming to see her. One interesting thing about the video is that Atmanada says she rarely sees Anandamayi Ma these days because of the crowds, but the inner connection she feels with Anandamayi Ma when she does her translating work makes this physical separation negligible.

Video – Meditation Exercises

meditation silence

Meditation Silence is a weekly podcast of meditation videos. They offer simple guidance about meditation with spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy

This week is an exercise to try and control the mind. Meditation Silence 7 – The Heart Lotus

"Please try to imagine a lotus inside your heart. Then try to imagine that the lotus is not only inside your heart, but that your heart itself is a lotus. When you look at the lotus or imagine the lotus, try to be deeply absorbed in the beauty of the lotus. It is your own heart-lotus. Then your mind will have no time to roam. "

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The Genius of India – Video

In an essay written in 1918 and entitled The Renaissance in India, Sri Aurobindo presents us with a masterly view of India’s culture through the ages — her essential spirit and her characteristic soul, her unique genius and powers which gave her her remarkably long periods of greatness and an unusually prolific creativity — that which allowed her to survive for so long when other ancient civilisations faded away. He explains the basis of her strength — that which enabled her to resist so many attempts at crushing her culture.


“Spirituality is the master key of the indian mind. the sense of infinity is native to it

– From video

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