Union with the Eternal

The following excerpt is from a talk by Sri Anandamayi Ma. The spiritual aspirant should practice dhyana (steady meditation) in the proper posture (with the back straight) and deeply meditate on his Ishta (beloved deity). He should purge himself of all outside thoughts and consider himself pure. Once he is absorbed in genuine dhyana, worldly attractions lose all their appeal and then worldly enjoyments cannot possibly touch him. Meditation opens one’s true being to the Light, to that which is Eternal. In true meditation, Reality is contacted. When the movement of your true nature sets in, then, because it is directed solely towards God, the knots of the heart will be unraveled. Then you should know that the current of your life is turned towards the Eternal. Give yourself up to the wave, and you will be absorbed by the current – having dived into the sea, you do not return any more. The Eternal Himself is the wave that floods the shore, so that you may be carried away. Those who can surrender themselves to this aim will be accepted by Him. But if your attention remains directed towards the shore, you cannot proceed – after bathing you will return to the shore. If your aim is the Supreme, the Ultimate, you will be led on by the movement of your own true nature. There are waves that carry away and waves that pull back. Those who can give themselves up will be taken by Him. In the guise of the wave He holds out His hand and calls you.

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