Arjuna was the devoted disciple of Sri Krishna. Before the battle of Kurukshetra. Sri Krishna offered Arjuna either his whole army or just Sri Krishna himself. Arjuna joyfully choose to have Sri Krishna as his charioteer. Sri Krishna guided Arjuna and the Pandavas to victory. The advice of Sri Krishna to Arjuna forms the base of the Hindu classic, The Bhagavad Gita.

On Arjuna

“Arjuna is the ascending human soul. Sri Krishna is the descending divine Soul. Finally they meet. The human soul says to the divine Soul: “I need you.” The divine Soul says to the human soul: “I need you, too. I need you for my self-manifestation. You need me for your self-realisation.” Arjuna says: “O Krishna, you are mine, absolutely mine.” Sri Krishna says: “O Arjuna, no mine, no thine. We are the Oneness complete, within, without.”

“Arjuna ultimately became the spiritual child of Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna ultimately became the loving slave of Arjuna’s surrender.”

Sri Chinmoy


Stories about Arjuna


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